Pork Chops French Trimmed

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Size & Weight: 1 x 283g (10oz)

An age old favorite

Rustle up a midweek feast with our classic French trimmed pork chops, a tender and juicy addition to any dish. Only premium outdoor reared pork is selected for our chops, with a natural layer of fat and marbling that makes each bite truly mouth-watering. Individually packed,10oz/283gm.

Nutritional Information
Per 100gm
Energy (kj) 1132
Energy (kcal) 271
Fat 16g
Fat (of which saturates) 5.5g
Carbohydrate <0.5g
Carbohydrate (of which sugars) <0.5g
Fibre <0.5g
Protein 31g
Salt (mg) 0.29g
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