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Yorkshire Barn Reared Chicken Fillets - 5kg

What a fantastic piece of meat.
Cut into 4 pieces and seasoned well with just plenty of salt.
Loaded on the rotisserie with the thinner pieces in the centre.
Cooked over briaa and charcoal fire at 450f until 135f internal.
Boom, what a succulent, juicy and tasty cut if beef.
Massive thumbs up.

Pork & Apple Sausage
George Ramsay
Sausages a delight

Very tasty great with mash & gravy,or even a great breakfast ,couldn't fault with them lovely.

Great ribs

Lovely ribs ,great tasting.Great product.

XL BBQ Steak Box
George Ramsay
Great bbq box

Lovely product, great quality of meat,will definitely buy from you again

Ultimate mixed grill
Yvonne Steele
mixed grill

tasted great even two of us couldn't eat tea after this lovely filling meal for lunch,fantastic

never cooked picanaha before the joint was good quality and cooked very well and was very tasty

Tasty lamb

The lamb was very tender and much tastier than I've had from supermarkets. I will definitely be buying more. The order was delivered quickly and the freeze packs kept everything well chilled.

Chicken fillets.

I was really disappointed as they were small one bag was slimy.

Superb meat

The steaks grilled beautifully notwithstanding being very lean. I will certainly repeat order..

Quality fish

Very high quality which grilled superbly.

Jones Steak & Ale Pie
Elaine Fisher
Tasty pies

Delivered at midday and in the oven by 1pm. Plenty of chunks of steak and not overloaded with gravy like some supermarket pies. The pastry is not too thick, so it stays crisp. We can't get Jones pies in the West Midlands, so I'm pleased that YLM is back online.


Absolutely fantastic. Will definitely order again. Thank you!

Jones Chunky Chicken Pie
leslie smith smith
Lovely pies, better cold than hot!! (just my opinion)

lovely pies as always--thank you.

"Best Pies"

Lovely Pies, can'nt be beaten!! thank you.

Jones Steak & Ale Pie
David Chapman
Jones Steak & Ale Pies

Excellent Pies


Perfect packaging. Amazing produce. I am very fussy about meat but these guys are fantastic. Cannot rate highly enough. To die for meats. Have had lots from them over the years. Well done guys. 😊

Centre cut fillet

Beautiful steak, melt in the mouth.
Will be ordering again..

Absolutely delicious. Also enjoyed the lamb shoulder we had on Sunday will definitely be ordering again


Great absolutely the best

The chicken supremes are, along with all your other meats, exceptional. It’s a real shame you have decided to close your business.

32 Day Dry Aged Yorkshire Beef Large T-Bone steak


Enjoyed very much will buy again

Turkey Breast - Small
Janet Couzens
Turkey Breast

Perfect. Very tasty. Sad I can't get it again now you are closed.

Gloucester Old Spot Boneless Pork Loin