We are firm believers that high standards of welfare, animal husbandry and breeding are the fundamental reasons why our pork is succulent and full of flavour.

Our Pigs are all Yorkshire Outdoor reared, bred by farmers who understand the importance of being born outdoors, reared on straw, allowed lots of space to roam, root and wallow, all of which go towards making our pigs, well, as happy as pigs in Doodah! 

Our pigs have a happy outdoor lifestyle, this ensures the tender lean meat, high levels of intramuscular fat, the good sort of fat, which makes the crunchiest crackilng. All of our Pork products are lean and tender, we produce Belly, Pork chops ,Steaks, Ribs, sensational bacon and sausages. You can trust us for quality Pork every time.

FREE DELIVERY nationwide on all orders over £60