Jones Pies

Jones Pies was started in the back of a Yorkshire Butchers shop in 1988 and since then has gone on to be renowned for it’s fantastic range of pork pies, pies, sausage rolls and pasties.

The business grew in the best way possible – people ate our pies, loved them and told someone else – who in turn tasted them, loved them and told someone else! Other shops wanted to sell our pies and this combined with winning award after award has led to us making over 45,000 pies every week from our very own accredited bakery. Our team of skilled Bakers and Pie Makers work six days a week to make sure our memorable taste experience is baked and delivered fresh daily.

At Jones Pies we stay true to the good old fashioned ways of making a great Pie. Every pie is hand crafted using the best meat and the best of local ingredients – from Ossett Ale in our Steak and Ale Pies to our Bury Black Pudding Pork Pie!