32 Day Aged Grass Fed Beef Tomahawk Steak

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Size & Weight: 1 x 800g (28oz)

Tomahawk Steak

The tomahawk steak is an incredibly tender steak with buttery, rich flavor. This section of the animal naturally collects more intramuscular fat, creating the beautiful white lines of fat – the fantastic marbling unique to the rib primal. This beautiful marbling adds a rich ribeye flavor and delicate buttery taste to this cut of steak. All of our steaks are dry aged for 32 days to naturally add even more tenderness.

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Nutritional Information
Per 100gm
Energy (kj) 580
Energy (kcal) 116
Fat 7.1g
Fat (of which saturates) 2.7g
Carbohydrate <0.1g
Carbohydrate (of which sugars) <0.1g
Fibre <0.1g
Protein 22.1g
Salt (mg) 0.75g
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