Dementia Forward, Castle to Castle Walk 2018

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Dementia Forward, Castle to Castle walk 23rd September 2018.

What a wonderful day for a walk through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside in the lovely autumn sunshine. Dementia Forward organised a walk from Knaresborough Castle to Ripley Castle to raise awareness for the unique charity Dementia Forward.


Dementia Forward - Castle to Castle Walk September 2018


This brilliant and little known charity is supported by patron and Emmerdale actor John Middleton, (Aka) Ashley from Emmerdale. John delivered some heart felt words of inspiration before we all set of on our 6 mile trek. John Middleton played the part of Ashley in the world famous Emmedale. He approached Dementia Forward as part of his research for the part, this proved invaluable in his portrayal of the problems associated with Dementia for the sufferer and all of the close family, a sometimes forgotten part of this cruel disease. Yorkshire Lean Meat are very proud to be associated with this marvellous charity, so much so that Yorkshire Lean Meat are now making a donation from every single sale to help in the difficult job of fundraising that keeps Dementia Forward going. Dementia Forward need £400,000 per annum to be able to operate and continue to provide help and support for everyone suffering from and connected with Dementia. You too can do your bit to help this cause, its easy, order all of your monthly or weekly meat order from Yorkshire Lean Meat, this will ensure a strong income stream for Dementia Forward.


Dementia Forward - Meeting for the Walkers


We have set up a special discount code that will give you a saving on your first order of 10%, here is the code DementiaF, or Newsite10, either will work for you.

The other fantastic side effect is that you will be able to enjoy the amazingly delicious meat from Yorkshire Lean Meat, a proper Yorkshire company trying to help a proper Yorkshire charity. Log into and help us to help Dementia Forward.

Meet at the Knaresborough Castle 

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